IMO Messenger App for Free Encrypted Chats and Calls


There have been concerns concerning the privacy of the users, since the advent of mobile voice and video messengers because they are often exposed to the public judging from the private nature of information that the messengers ask them to capitulate. It is in view of this backdrop that IMO developed an application that encrypts data which is provided by users and prevents this data from being used spitefully.

No Snooping

IMO Messenger app video and voice chats are protected from tapping. With IMO Messenger app, you can chat conveniently without looking over your shoulders to see the person that might be watching you. People can for once relax and have one-on-one conversations without being nervous. Wire tapping is a severe security violation, particularly for famous persons who would prefer to keep their private life away from the public domain. Celebrities find IMO Messenger app very useful in protecting their secrets from seeping out.

To secure its chats and encrypt its calls and videos, IMO Messenger app uses SSL/TLS security technology.

Available on All Networks

Given that you can make high definition video, send voice calls, photos, share videos over Wi-Fi, 4G and 3G networks, IMO Messenger app is easily available on nearly all platforms. Since the users can send and receive unlimited numbers of messages and make free voice and video calls, users can save on mobile operator charges on exorbitant phone calls and limited SMSs.

IMO Messenger app runs on PCs, Android and iOS. In order to get optimal returns from IMO Messenger app, you need Android version 1.6 or higher. In addition, if you want to better the efficiency of this application, it needs Blue-stacks Android Emulator.

IMO Messenger App is Social

IMO Messenger app links you with your colleagues at work; friends and family by tailoring dedicated functions that enable you make group chats with them. This application enables you manage the busy work schedules of the day without having to dump one role.

Free Stickers

By giving away free stickers for your entertainment and the entertainment of your beloved friends, IMO Messenger app brings fun to your screen. Once you receive those special pictures that immortalize your memory for a long time, you can also save precious moments in the beautiful photo gallery that IMO creates for you.

Interactive Interface

The interactive interface of IMO Messenger app is second to none and it has clear display that gives you the opportunity of navigating the app without getting stuck. IMO offers different options on a single page; as a result you don’t have to turn over the pages in order to execute a command. For example, you can start a new IMO group, peruse the contact list, send invitations to your contacts and contribute in the existing groups all in one page.

IMO Messenger app is available for downloads on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. To download and install IMO Messenger app, iOS users must have active iTunes accounts. Unfortunately, IMO Messenger app may not be available in some countries.

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