Samsung Galaxy S7 should be your next smartphone


As the Samsung Galaxy S7 is very close to launching, you cannot afford to miss this phone with amazing and interesting features. This is a phone that should be in your pocket because it is the best phone you have been expecting since.

Let us now examine why the Galaxy S7 should be your next phone.

Galaxy S7 will be the Fastest in the World

Something huge is coming from Galaxy S7 because the Galaxy series has always been what Samsung uses to exhibit its most excellent hardware. It was last September that Samsung Company launched the foremost DRAM chip, leading its phones to run an enormous 6 GB of RAM. This would take the S7 nearer to desktop feat.

Without exaggerating, this new chip according to a report will be 30 percent faster and have 20 percent additional power than the component used in the Galaxy S6. This is what would make this new Smartphone the fastest in the whole world.

It will have Extraordinary Processing Power

From all indications and what was obtainable from the rumor mill, we believe that the Galaxy S7 will be very powerful. Reports recommend that Samsung could make use of three different chips in the S7 such as Exynos 8890 in Korea, Europe and Japan, its own Exynos 7422 chip in India and also the Snapdragon 820 in China and the US.

Galaxy S7 will have an Efficient and Proven Design

The overall design of Galaxy S7 will have efficient and proven design similar and identical to Galaxy S6, which was a turning point for Samsung. In order to achieve this feat however, Samsung must include features like removable batteries and dropping microSD card support. In addition, it is expected that the Smartphone will feature a good-looking Edge variant, which is surely a good thing.

It will Feature a Better Camera and Snap Better Photos

The Galaxy S series has always been manufacturing a lot of the outstanding cameras and Galaxy S7 won’t be different. It was gathered from the latest rumor that the S7 will come with a 5 MP selfie camera, and a 12 MP rear shooter. The implication of this is that the rear major camera would shoot at a lower resolution compared to the 16 MP camera of the S6.

This would be good news for those who have passion for quality cameras in their phones, even though a higher megapixel count doesn’t indicate better photos.

Have you added Galaxy S7 on your buying list? This is a phone you must consider if you want to buy a new phone. The phone is expected to be released in February or early March.

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