Latest Version of IMO Instant Messenger App adds a range of Features


IMO instant messenger app allows you to connect with your contacts from several services. The latest version of the app has added a range of features like thin UI and the ability to create new chat groups that allows you pop windows out of your browser. Also is the IMO network that lets you connect with friends that you might otherwise known.

The latest iteration of IMO messenger app like the past versions still lets you sing into several services and it supports Yahoo, VK, Steam, Skype, MySpace, MSN, Jabber, Hyves, Google Talk, Facebook and ICQ/AIM all at the same time.

The new group chat feature of IMO messenger app is adequately incorporated and easy to use, letting you create and save groups of colleagues or friends for group chats. An invitation is sent to the selected contacts by IMO and allows you to choose the service to use when contacting them. To use participate in the group chat, all your contacts will need to switch over to IMO. This is due to the fact that they cannot do so right from their messenger of choice.

The thin UI feature of the latest upgrade is great and will let you pop out the app into a smaller and more manageable window. When IMO is popped out, it resembles a desktop product like Cerulean Studios Trillian or AIM of AOL. It lets you to keep your IM window small in order for you to view messages and contacts while still working on a spreadsheet or document and surfing the web.

Without mincing word, IMO messenger app is great for those who are socially active. It lets users connect with friends all over several messaging platforms. A great advantage of the app especially for people who are very active on social networking platforms is that a lot of conversation can take place with the help of just a single app. This is a new platform where conversation has become very easy, ever since Google has taken over Neebo.

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