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IMO Messenger app currently supports accounts through ICQ, AIM, Skype, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Facebook, MSN, Steam and Jabber, among others. All these messaging options will give you the flexibility to share video and photos, take part in group messages, perform voice calls, perform IMs and save chat history for later. When referring to something from a few days back, that is particularly handy.

IMO users

Users on the platform BlackBerry, Android iOS send more than 50 million messages a day, with almost 700,000 unique visits, going by the report from IMO to TechnoBuffalo. It is therefore easy to discover why free IMO Messenger app is used so frequently, with more than a few IM platforms under the same roof.

The ability to link accounts is one of the most convenient aspects of IMO Messenger app. You can easily login to additional IM services of up to 12 and then link all the accounts together, when you register with IMO Messenger.

What this does is to sign you into all your accounts when logging into one account only. Notifications will stream in the similar way that normal messages do, when you are logged in.

IMO messenger UI

The UI of IMO messenger all is fairly instinctive, while using the app itself is quite effortless. IMO Messenger app is reliable, particularly when you need to keep contact with work colleagues and what you use while you are mobile. Text and email are always solid ways to communicate, although messaging is clearly going away from long-established SMS.

IMO Messenger app I such a wonderful alternative, if services such as Kik and WhatsApp don’t do it for you.

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